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Why choose a SIM-Only deal ?

If you’re happy with your current mobile phone, it makes sense to hold onto it and just get a new SIM plan rather than spending money on  a brand new phone and contract, and here’s why.


They’re cost effective


The cheapest SIM-only deals start from just £7.50 per month and are great for low users, whereas more frequent users can get lots of minutes, texts and data from £12.50 to £18 per month.


Pros & cons            


Pros                                                                                                                  Cons                                                


Wide range of cost effective options from £7.50 per month.           No shiny new handset.

Standard, micro and nano SIM sizes available for all devices.       Your existing phone may need to be


What will I need?


An existing mobile phone


You will need an existing mobile phone that is unlocked as with a SIM only deal there is no new handset provided. If your handset needs unlocking your current providers customer service team should be able to provide this.


A PAC (Porting Authorisation Code)


If you are wanting to keep your existing number you will need a PAC from your existing provider and you will need to give this to your new provider within 30 days.



What are SIM only contracts?


A SIM only contract is a cost effective contract, you keep your existing mobile phone and pay less for a sim option, eliminating the need for legnthy and expensive mobile phone contracts.


How long is a SIM only contract?


SIM onlys can come in a variety of legnths starting from 30 Days to 36 Months, all the sims we advertise are 12 Month's as these are normally the most cost effective option.